When You Are Feeling Stuck

In the past few weeks, I’ve been in a cycle of being mundane, things that don’t excite me. I have to finish our practicum because the school told that it would be beneficial, I have no doubts about it. So I did it for 120 hrs and after that, we’ve been bombarded by 3 major projects. Projects do excite me, I am thrilled about it but it’s just that I’m tired and felt stuck.  Thank God I was able to pass it on time and even got a high score in one presentation.


But now that I have time and freedom to do the things that inspire me (quiet time, blogging and even reading) doesn’t seem to excite me anymore.  I’m stuck in a rut of being told what to do. I am stuck uninspired.  Anxiety crept in like a cold breeze. It seems like things are moving fast way and I am standing frozen still, don’t know where to start. It came to a point where I stop and doubt my capabilities.


“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will” – Karim Sedikki 


So today I would like to share the things I did to overcome self-doubt in this situation.


  • I gave my self a time to think and reflect I dare to find the source of my doubts
  • I search my balance I cast all my worries to God, open my Bible, be spiritually equip, and dwell on God’s good plan for my life.
  • I recreate my game plan I dare my self to start from scratch and recreate my plans and routines.
  • I gave myself a fresh start, something to be excited about.
  • I pushed myself to act even if I don’t feel like it.
It might be easy to write and read about this things. But if you don’t face self-doubt right away it will get more serious.


Self-doubt is just part of the process of becoming who we want to be. Let it pass. Besides, It’s about choosing to think positively or dive into negativity and wait till it chokes us.

Don’t lose the sense of gratitude as you go through different phases of life. If you do this you’ll have the freedom to live your life to the fullest.


I will surely tackle more about overcoming self-doubt.
Thanks for dropping by.





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  1. I love that post! I think self reflection and finding peace with oneself is the most important thing to let go of any doubt! Strong mind – strong actions.

    • So true, Sabrina! Everything starts from our minds, that’s why we need to be really mindful with what we take in. 🙂

  2. All so true! When I’m feeling stuck either creatively or energy-wise, I know I have tonjust stop and reflect. Self doubt has kind of been my stumbling block that I need to overcome throughout any milestone in my life. Great post!

    • I feel you, Deb, it’s a huge stumbling block really. But we need to face it, get rid of it and be better to have a sense of fortitude. 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great plan. It’s akwsys hard to change sometimes or to finally be able to think and dream after living such a scheduled life bit things they settle and you move on to better things all in good time. I think that even times of being stuck teach us stuff for times ahead, even if it’s just to be grateful.

  4. Great motivational post 🙂 Everyone have those moments of self-doubt and feeling of being stuck, but it is especially painful when you create something and do not have outside motivators.

  5. Yes 🙌🏼 I struggle a lot with self doubt and this post really helped me! I’m writing your steps down and I’m going to put them on my desk so I will always have that reminder!!

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