Finding Your Ultimate Life’s Purpose



          “You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.”

We have all became frustrated looking for our significance in this world. I felt so lost at a young age. All my life I am so afraid to take any step because I don’t know if it is aligned to my life’s purpose. Life’s purpose. Another thing that leaves me blank. I have no idea what does it mean to live a purpose driven life. I asked myself so many questions in the past.  If I do this will it make any difference? I kept on asking myself if this will be worth it? Why do I want to pursue it?  I fear the unknown. I was groping for my purpose yet can’t find it. I always dream of doing something big, but I don’t know what it is, who to do it for and where to anchor it.


I live in the circle of mediocrity because I don’t know my purpose.






The world is leading us to the wrong direction


We are in search for life’s meaning. And the world opened our mind to self-worth, self-love, selfie, and whatnots. We are living in a self-indulgent generation. It teaches us that life is meaningless if we do not pursue our own happiness. Life is not about in pursuit of happiness. Happiness is not bad. But it gives us the shallowness of purpose, a destructive mindset. Life is more than just being happy.


“Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” — Helen Keller


We need to accept the fact that sometimes our purpose is not pleasurable as the world view it. 


Our happiness should anchor on things that we can do for other people rather than please ourselves. Remember, we cannot find true happiness on temporary things. True happiness can only be found on things that have eternal value.



We get attached to temporary things, then wonder why our happiness never lasts.



Benefits of knowing your purpose


As I discovered the ultimate purpose of my life I became confident on my every step. The goals and tasks that I do, are now purpose-focused. It enables me to explore my boundaries, where to go and where not. What to focus on and what to ignore. It stretches my capabilities to attain my every goal on fulfilling my life’s purpose in the most creative way possible. I can now easily connect the things that I’m passionate about to my life’s purpose.


road map

Knowing our purpose gives us a solid “road map”, so we will no longer walk aimlessly.




Our Passion has big role for our Life’s purpose


Passion is more than just an emotion. It’s a strong act of will to accomplish a certain task. Without acting upon our passion it will remain a desire. Stuck in a bubble. We all have God-given gifts, talents, and skills that we acquire through experience. Things that we’re good at and will never get tired of doing. Those are things we are passionate about. In case you do not know what your passion is. Don’t get frustrated. Maybe you are just like me who is interested in a lot of things, multipotentiality. Or maybe you are not there yet.


Finding your passion is a journey. You can only acquire it through life experiences. Push yourself to try new things. Go out of your comfort zone. You can only increase growth when you step out of your cocoon. Don’t be afraid. As you grow you are opening new possibilities. That will enable you to discover your passion.


Here are some questions that can help find your passion:

Don’t filter anything that comes to your mind. Just write everything.

  • What do you enjoy doing? recreation? favorite subjects? 
  • What is your ideal day? Picture it out
  • Give some memorable things you’ve done for other people?
             for your family?
             for your self?
  • Who are most likely friends you want to be with?
            Do you have any common interest?  Write it all down and the things you like to talk about.
  • What are the things that you never get tired of doing?
  • What do I want to attain in the near future?

              Visualize your future self.


Zig Ziglar                               “When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born.” – Zig Ziglar




Once you find your passion you can now use it to fulfill your life’s purpose. Passionate people have a greater the possibility to achieve success.  I knew that I’m passionate about something whenever I get so excited even with just a thought of doing it. I’m so eager to find ways of learning more about it, searching for free sources on the net and whatsoever. I assure that I make time for doing it. I get so pumped up whenever new ideas pop. It leaves no room for procrastination.



“It is your passion that empowers you to be able to do that thing you were created to do.” -T. D. Jakes


We are created to do our God given purpose and we are ought to use the passion to fulfill it.







He created the world and the universe. He lives beyond our time. He Himself is Time. Yet, created us in His image. A powerful God, humbled Himself to save our souls from eternal death. His name is Jesus, He is nothing like us. He never sin, He is perfect, blameless yet suffered in flesh to wash away all our sins. We are supposed to be in torment. He just loves us so and sacrificed His perfect Son as an atonement for our sins. What a great loving God we have!


There’s nothing greater than honoring God with our own lives. I can do nothing better without His enlightenment. His word became the lamp for my feet and light to my path. On my own, I do no good.


Our main purpose in this lifetime is to love God with all our hearts, with all your soul, and with all your mind. Our lifestyle, relationships, our job, our student life our whole journey in this lifetime should be glorifying to Him.


God knitted us in our mother’s womb. So are our skills and talents, family and friends and our situations. Before we ask Him something, He already knew it. But it doesn’t mean that He will always give it. Yes, He is able but if the things we ask for has the ability to ruin us. He will say no, to rescue us from the pit of regrets.


      Everything that we have is from God. So everything we do should be for Him, alone.





Our family, friends, relatives, classmates, workmates, social media friends. The broken, the homeless, the street children, the orphans, the widows, and yes, your enemy. The people you can’t imagine to be with. Jesus loves them the way He loves us.



I always search for reasons why I need to help a certain person. And sometimes I find it hard to act because I get no good reason to help. What does it value to me? Can that person help me back? I don’t trust that person, I’m broke, I don’t have the capability to help, I can’t forgive that person yet, why help? “oh.. I’m sacrificing too much!”, I’m busy, maybe next time and whatsoever reasons and excuses that hold us back from helping.


When we accept Jesus in our lives, it will become easier for us to help others. Man alone can only give limited love that’s why sometimes it’s hard to give but the Spirit of God can give us endless possibility to serve others.


“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. John 13:34


Whenever you find yourself searching for a reason why help. Just tell yourself that “Jesus forgave us, showed mercy on us and loves us even though we don’t deserve it.”  It’s an enough reason to give, love, forgive and show mercy to the people around us.




 As we end, I want to wrap it up with an encouragement to all of you that it’s never too late to live a purposeful life. Now is the time to live a lifestyle that is full of passion and purpose!




Look for yourself and you will find loneliness and despair. But look for Christ and you will find Him and everything else. – C.S Lewis




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  1. This is a very detailed post and loved it. It is true, living without purpose is more like walking around with no clear destination. Have a look at this book if you haven’t “purpose driven life” Rick Warren. You will learn a lot.


  2. Beautiful and convicting article. I couldn’t be more grateful for God showing me what my purpose would be from an early age. I truly think writing is where He wants me and I there is so much relief in knowing that! You’re right that it helps us not to walk around aimlessly when we know why God decided to give us a place in the world. Thank you for writing this! I truly enjoyed it

    • Glad to know that you enjoyed it. It’s so inspiring that you are using your passion to honor God Courtney!

  3. I enjoyed this article. It is well thought out and well written. Candidly sharing your second thoughts about h elping others sometimes makes it more real!

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